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Posted by stylus, Mon Mar-12-01 09:15 AM
Many of you Boondocks fans contacted me following the split, most of you just wanted to share your appreciation for the work I did. That made me feel good, because folks know that site meant a lot to me. Some of you were itching to get some "dirt". But NO ONE got any from me.

That is an indisputable fact.

(Poemcees.com and Worldsflyest.com soon come)

"Musta been bitten by a rabbit/Actin silly like that, your pop culture need a diaper change" - PosWonderWhy, De La Soul, "Declaration"

"You're only as strong as your weakest link so you better think before you put your man on" - 3LG, "Chain of Events"

"Burn... like the logo of the Arsonists/ From the pew to the parsonage/and the liquor store next door shit/ It's all good lover! / Cuz if I unsettle the metal, leave 'em tappin like Savion Glover" - Kokayi, Opus Akoben, "Gangsta Boogie"

"So please give me the strength to trample these snakes, Allah. If I scuff my Timb's at least it was a worthy cause." - SubZ, Opus Akoben, "Art of War"