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Topic subjectExplain of the codes:
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17919, Explain of the codes:
Posted by handle, Wed Mar-28-01 10:39 PM
For artist info:
4.036555","Erykah Badu","Mama's Gun","","71:58:00","14","Motown","01215325912","R&B","2000","","Erykah Badu","","","",""
4.038265","Walkin' Large","Listen to This","","0:00:00","6","Groove Attack / headrush","HRM001","Hip Hop","1997","","Walkin' Large","","","",""
Format explanation:
ignore, artist, title of release, ignore, time listed, number of tracks, label, catalog number, year, ignore, ignore, ignopre, ignore, ignore

For song list:
4102588798976,4965264345541,"Relax (Lord Finess mix)","4:52"
ignore, ignore, name of Track, lenght

I'll have a report ready that includes media, so some of these are vinyl, somne are tape, some are cd. You can't tell from this prelim list I made.

-Tom Hayes