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Posted by handle, Wed Mar-28-01 10:23 PM
"Various Artists","Chant Down Babylon","","51:45:00","12","Tough Gong / Island","314546404-2","Reggae","1999","","Various Artists","","","",""
4.037084,"Bob Marley f. Erykah Badu / No More Trouble","4:52:00"
4.037085,"Bob Marley f. Krayzie Bone / Rebel Music","3:30:00"
4.037086,"Bob Marley f. Guru / Johnny Was","4:19:00"
4.037087,"Bob Marley f. Rakim / Concrete Jungle","4:13:00"
4.037088,"Bob Marley f. Busta Rhymes and Flipmode Squad / Rastaman Chant","4:19:00"
4.037089,"Bob Marley f. Lost Boyz and Mr. Cheeks / Guiltiness","3:53:00"
4.037090,"Bob Marley f. Lauryn Hill / Turn Your Lights Down Low","5:46:00"
4.037091,"Bob Marley f. MC Lyte / Jammin'","4:09:00"
4.037092,"Bob Marley f. The Marley Brothers and The Ghetto Youths Crew / Kinky Reggae","3:53:00"
4.037093,"Bob Marley f. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry / Roots, Rock, Reggae","4:05:00"
4.037094,"Bob Marley f. Chuck D / Survival (A.K.A. Black Surviviors)","3:51:00"
4.037095,"Bob Marley f. The Roots and Black Thought / Burnin' And Lootin'","4:55:00"

"Wagon Christ","Throbbing Pouch","","76:12:00","17","Rising High USA","RH87003-2","Sample","1995","","Wagon Christ","","","",""
4.037098,"Down Under","8:16:00"
4.037099,"Phase Everyday","7:35:00"
4.037100,"Throbbing Pouch","5:24:00"
4.037104,"Pull My Strings","5:10:00"
4.037107,"Night Owls","2:41:00"
4.037108,"E-z Listener","5:19:00"
4.037110,"Underground Level","2:31:00"
4.037111,"Ring Piece","4:26:00"
4.037112,"All My Fingers","2:06:00"

"Zap Mama","A Ma Zone","","47:39:00","12","Luaka Bop","72438-48412-2-5","World","1999","","Zap Mama","","","",""
4.037114,"W'Happy Mama","5:17:00"
4.037115,"Call Waiting","3:55:00"
4.037119,"Comment Ca Va","4:29:00"
4.037120,"Ya Solo","4:10:00"
4.037121,"My Own Zero","4:03:00"
4.037123,"Gbo Mata (Station)","3:25:00"
4.037124,"'Allo 'Allo","5:08:00"

"D'Angelo","Voodoo- Left and Right","","8:26:00","2","","","R&B","","","D'Angelo","","","",""
4.037125,"Left & Right w/ Redman & Method Man","4:38:00"
4.037126,"Left & Right","3:48:00"

"Rob Swift","...presents Soulful Fruit","","58:23:00","21","Stones Throw Records","STH2007","Hip Hop","1997","","Rob Swift","","","",""
4.037127,"Define Music (Intro)","2:16:00"
4.037128,"Itchy Vibes and Drums","2:18:00"
4.037129,"Cutting with Class","2:02:00"
4.037130,"Interlude 1: Babu Speaks","1:23:00"
4.037131,"The Mad Scientist of the Turntables","1:52:00"
4.037132,"Relax Mode","3:08:00"
4.037133,"This is a Remix","2:02:00"
4.037134,"Interlude 2: Bruce Lee Speaks","1:14:00"
4.037135,"Some Ol' Rough Shit","1:48:00"
4.037136,"A Natural High","2:32:00"
4.037137,"A Scratch is a Musical Note","2:11:00"
4.037138,"Diamond Jay Will Spin It","5:09:00"
4.037139,"A Turntable Experience","4:24:00"
4.037140,"Interlude 3: Message","3:15:00"
4.037141,"Rob Swift Vs. Rhazel","14:03:00"
4.037142,"Women And Stress","1:31:00"
4.037143,"Women and Stress 2","1:29:00"
4.037144,"Let the Drummer Get Some","1:02:00"
4.037145,"Interlude 4: Bruce Lee Speaks Again","0:52:00"
4.037146,"Who is it? Mista Sinista","3:27:00"
4.037147,"Tooker B (Outro)","0:25:00"

"Rakim","The Master","","62:08:00","17","universal","3145420822","Hip Hop","1999","","Rakim","","","",""
4.037149,"Flow Forever","4:11:00"
4.037150,"When I B On Tha Mic","3:43:00"
4.037151,"Finest Ones","4:25:00"
4.037152,"All Night Long","4:23:00"
4.037153,"State Of Hip Hop","0:39:00"
4.037155,"I Know","4:07:00"
4.037156,"It's The R","4:16:00"
4.037157,"I'll Be There","5:10:00"
4.037158,"It's A Must","4:24:00"
4.037160,"How I Get Down","4:05:00"
4.037162,"Strong Island","4:33:00"
4.037163,"Waiting For The World To End","4:05:00"
4.037164,"We'll Never Stop","4:22:00"

"Just Say Noel","Just Say Noel","","49:58:00","12","Geffen","GEFD-25107","Christmas","1996","","Just Say Noel","","","",""
4.037165,"Beck / The Little Drum Machine Boy","7:02:00"
4.037166,"Aimee Mann, Michael Penn / Christmastime","4:27:00"
4.037167,"Sonic Youth / Santa Doesn't Cop Out on Dope","3:20:00"
4.037168,"The Posies / Christmas","3:53:00"
4.037169,"The Roots / Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa","4:00:00"
4.037170,"Southern Culture on the Skids / Merry Christmas Baby","3:11:00"
4.037171,"Remy Zero / Christmas","3:51:00"
4.037172,"Elastica / Gloria","3:02:00"
4.037173,"Wild Colonials / Christmas Is Quiet","5:24:00"
4.037174,"XTC / Thanks for Christmas","3:51:00"
4.037175,"The Musical Cast of Toys w/Wendy & Lisa / The Closing of the Year","4:15:00"
4.037176,"Ted Hawkins / Amazing Grace","3:42:00"

"DJ Cash Money","WKIS - Guess Who's Comin' To Dinner","","63:56:00","18","Spoiled Brat","9005SBO","Hip Hop","1996","","DJ Cash Money","","","",""
4.037178,"The Realness / Group Home","3:54:00"
4.037179,"I Shot Ya (Remix) / LL Cool J","4:59:00"
4.037180,"Real Live Shot / K Def & Larryo","3:06:00"
4.037181,"Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? / Bahamadia, Q-Tip, Phife, The Roots, Biz Markie","13:46:00"
4.037183,"Set It Off / Greg Nyce","3:40:00"
4.037184,"In Check / Busta Rhymes","2:43:00"
4.037185,"Station Break","5:07:00"
4.037186,"Incarerated Scarfaces / Raekwon","4:58:00"
4.037187,"Who Dat? / All City","1:32:00"
4.037188,"Up Against The Wall / Group Home","3:58:00"
4.037189,"Where Ya From Cash?","0:34:00"
4.037191,"Cold World / Genius/GZA","4:18:00"
4.037192,"Insane Creation / Jamal","3:25:00"
4.037193,"Funny How Time Flies - Intro / Leflash-FAb 5 (Money Mix)","0:42:00"
4.037194,"Introducing Nima","2:08:00"

"Soundtrack","The Wood","","77:28:00","18","Jive","01241-41686-2","Soundtrack","1999","","Soundtrack","","","",""
4.037195,"Neck Uv Da Woods -- Mystikal & Outkast","4:06:00"
4.037196,"Think About You -- Blackstreet","4:38:00"
4.037197,"Ya' All Know Who! -- the Roots","3:44:00"
4.037198,"I Can I Can -- Dmx","2:43:00"
4.037199,"Tha Hood (it's All Good) -- Cash Money Millionaires","3:44:00"
4.037200,"Belts to Match -- Ugk (feat. Smitty & Sonji)","4:03:00"
4.037201,"It's All Good -- R. Kelly","3:33:00"
4.037202,"I Wanna Know -- Joe","4:59:00"
4.037203,"Crave -- Marc Dorsey","4:27:00"
4.037204,"24-7 (lil' Jon Dirty South Mix) -- Liberty City Fla.","4:03:00"
4.037205,"Jane's Law -- Jane Blaze","4:12:00"
4.037206,"Still Strugglin -- Too $hort","5:02:00"
4.037207,"Dante's Girl -- Night & Day","4:26:00"
4.037208,"Love Letter -- Imajin","4:11:00"
4.037209,"Freaks Come Out at Night -- Whodini","4:45:00"
4.037210,"Make the Music With Your Mouth Biz -- Biz Markie","4:47:00"
4.037211,"Back in the Day (remix) -- Ahmad","4:41:00"
4.037212,"If This World Were Mine -- Luther Vandross & Cheryl Lynn","5:24:00"

"Soundtrack","Ride","","72:02:00","16","Tommy Boy","TBCD1227","Soundtrack","1998","","Soundtrack","","","",""
4.037213,"The Weekend","3:59:00"
4.037214,"The Worst","5:38:00"
4.037215,"Blood Money ","4:52:00"
4.037216,"Outta Sight","3:45:00"
4.037217,"Soldier Funk","3:34:00"
4.037218,"The Game","4:48:00"
4.037219,"The Symptoms","4:34:00"
4.037220,"Feels So Good","4:37:00"
4.037221,"Mourn You Til I Join You","5:19:00"
4.037222,"Jam On It","4:14:00"
4.037225,"Why - featuring Eric Benet and The Roots","4:45:00"
4.037226,"No One","5:15:00"
4.037227,"Can't Get Enough","4:38:00"
4.037228,"Never Say Goodbye","4:24:00"

"Soundtrack","Down In The Delta","","73:09:00","16","Virgin","724384691424","Soundtrack","1998","","Soundtrack","","","",""
4.037229,"Believe In Love - Sunday","5:02:00"
4.037230,"God's Stepchild - Janet","3:32:00"
4.037231,"Heaven Must Be Like This - D'Angelo","4:14:00"
4.037232,"If Ever - Stevie Wonder","4:57:00"
4.037233,"Where Would I Be - The Leverts (Eddie, Gerald & Sean)","5:00:00"
4.037234,"I'm Only Human - Luther Vandross feat. Cassandra Wilson & Bob James","5:29:00"
4.037235,"Just A Little Luv - Shawn Stockman (of Boyz II Men)","3:42:00"
4.037236,"We Belong Together - Tony Thompson & Antoinette","4:44:00"
4.037237,"Don't Talk 2 Strangers - Chaka Khan","3:18:00"
4.037238,"Let It Go - Jazzyfatnastees feat. The Roots","3:59:00"
4.037239,"My Soul Don't Dream - Me'Shell N'Degeocello & Keb' Mo'","6:00:00"
4.037240,"Uh Uh Ooh Ooh Look Out Here It Comes - Ashford & Simpson","5:08:00"
4.037241,"Don't Let Nothin' Keep You Down - Sounds Of Blackness","4:04:00"
4.037242,"Family (Score) - Stanley Clarke","3:42:00"
4.037243,"The Rain - Tracie Spencer","5:15:00"
4.037244,"Patchwork Quilt - Sweet Honey In The Rock","5:03:00"

"The Roots","The Roots Come Alive Disc I - Limited Edition","","74:00:00","15","MCA","088112129-2","Hip Hop","","","The Roots","","","",""
4.037245,"Live At The T- Connection","0:48:00"
4.037246,"The Next Movement","3:49:00"
4.037247,"Step Into The Realm","3:27:00"
4.037249,"Mellow My Man - Jusufckwithis","5:02:00"
4.037250,"Love Of My Life Feat. Common","3:44:00"
4.037251,"The Ultimate","3:58:00"
4.037252,"Don't See Us","5:22:00"
4.037253,"100% Dundee","4:30:00"
4.037254,"Adrenaline! Feat. Dice Raw","6:11:00"
4.037256,"Silent Treatment","7:19:00"
4.037257,"The Notic","4:29:00"
4.037258,"You Got Me Feat. Jill Scott","17:15:00"

"The Roots","Come Alive- All Access","","20:56:00","6","MCA","088112129-2","Hip Hop","","","The Roots","","","",""
4.037260,"81. What You Want (featuring Jaguar)","4:08:00"
4.037261,"82. We Got You (featuring Jaguar)","0:38:00"
4.037262,"83. The Lesson - Part III (It's Over Now)","4:01:00"
4.037263,"84. All I Know","4:02:00"
4.037264,"85. Ya'll Know Who","3:31:00"
4.037265,"86. For the Love of Money","4:36:00"

"Soundtrack","Men In Black - The Album","","66:13:00","16","Columbia","CK68169","Soundtrack","","","Soundtrack","","","",""
4.037266,"Will Smith / Men In Black","3:46:00"
4.037267,"Snoop Doggy Dogg Featuring Jd / We Just Wanna Party With You","4:32:00"
4.037268,"Ginuwine / I'm Feelin' You","4:40:00"
4.037269,"Alicia Keys / Dah Dee Dah (Sexy Thing)","4:12:00"
4.037270,"Will Smith / Just Crusin'","3:59:00"
4.037271,"The Roots Featuring D'angelo / The 'Notic","5:20:00"
4.037272,"Trey Lorenz / Make You Happy","4:06:00"
4.037273,"Nas / Escobar '97","3:32:00"
4.037274,"Emoja / Erotik City","4:34:00"
4.037275,"A Tribe Called Quest / Same Ol' Thing","4:27:00"
4.037276,"Destiny's Child / Killing Time","5:08:00"
4.037277,"3t / Waiting For Love","3:47:00"
4.037278,"De La Soul / Chanel No. Fever","3:24:00"
4.037279,"Buckshot Lefonque / Some Cow Fonque (More Tea, Vicar-)","5:10:00"
4.037280,"Danny Elfman / M.I.B. Main Theme","2:58:00"
4.037281,"Danny Elfman / M.I.B. Closing Theme","2:38:00"

"Soundtrack","High School High","","78:06:00","20","Big Beat","92709-2","Soundtrack","1996","","Soundtrack","","","",""
4.037282,"So Many Ways - The Braxtons","3:56:00"
4.037283,"I Got Somebody Else - Changing Faces","4:17:00"
4.037284,"Wu-Wear - RZA & Method Man","3:55:00"
4.037285,"Get Down For Mine - Real Live","4:00:00"
4.037286,"I Just Can't - Faith Evans","3:43:00"
4.037287,"Your Precious Love - D'Angelo & Erykah","4:12:00"
4.037288,"The Rap World - Large Professor","4:04:00"
4.037289,"Queen B@$#H - Lil' Kim","3:17:00"
4.037290,"Why You Wanna Funk? - Spice 1 /E-40","4:08:00"
4.037291,"I Can't Call It - De La Soul","3:28:00"
4.037292,"Bohemian Rhapsody - The Braids","4:00:00"
4.037293,"High School Rock - KRS-One","3:35:00"
4.037294,"Peace, Prosperity & Paper - Tribe Calle","4:01:00"
4.037295,"Wild Side - Jodeci","3:45:00"
4.037296,"The Ultimate - Artifacts","4:12:00"
4.037297,"The Next Spot - Sadat X","3:46:00"
4.037298,"Skrilla - Scarface","3:45:00"
4.037299,"Semi automatic - Inspectah Deck","4:01:00"
4.037300,"The Good, Bad, Desolate - The Roots","4:06:00"
4.037301,"Ride The Train - Quad city DJs","3:55:00"

"The Roots","ORGANIX","","62:29:00","17","Remedy","","Hip Hop","","","The Roots","","","",""
4.037302,"The Roots Is Comin'","1:16:00"
4.037303,"Pass The Popcorn","5:32:00"
4.037304,"The Anti-Circle","3:47:00"
4.037305,"Writers Block","1:43:00"
4.037306,"Good Music (Preclude)","1:01:00"
4.037307,"Good Music","4:34:00"
4.037309,"Leonard I-V","4:05:00"
4.037310,"I'm Out Deah","4:09:00"
4.037311,"Essawhamah? (live)","4:21:00"
4.037312,"There's A Riot Going On (Part II)","0:12:00"
4.037313,"Popcorn Revisited","4:03:00"
4.037315,"Common Dust","5:03:00"
4.037316,"The Session (Longest Posse Cut in History)","12:44:00"
4.037317,"Syreeta's Having My Baby","0:43:00"
4.037318,"Carryin' On","1:28:00"

"BlackStar","Respiration Single","","23:53:00","5","Rawkus","53473-2","Hip Hop","1998","","BlackStar","","","",""
4.037319,"Original Radio Edit","4:39:00"
4.037320,"Flying High Main Mix","5:45:00"
4.037321,"Flying High Instr.","5:45:00"
4.037322,"Dr. Luke Remix","3:53:00"
4.037323,"Dr. Luke Remix Instr.","3:51:00"