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Topic subjectd' next record: nat turner's revenge.
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17778, d' next record: nat turner's revenge.
Posted by MADAME X, Mon Mar-12-01 07:59 AM
how can four men + six more individuals ruin the music?

commercialism is ruining music, the RIAA is fucking up the music.

pro-napster. david and goliath. microsoft vs. the feds.

put d', quest, james, and jaydee against the n'syncs, the backstreet boys, sisqo, even o-town, DC etc, r. kelly, musiq whatever...

feeling on your booty vs. the root?
thongs vs. old school panties?

which way are the scales tipping?

if the sq's are so damn stale, why is everyone wondering what they are going to do next?

d' said r/b is just club music....(toronto sun)

10 black folks on a mission. a 10th out of how many acts?

soulquarians need to keep experimenting, take a risk all day long! musically jump of the cliff!

if people are making statements like this now, i want to see what happens when a record drops.

i've got to go, j dilla just showed up via the fedex man.