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Topic subjectRE: Are the Soulquarians ruining music?
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17774, RE: Are the Soulquarians ruining music?
Posted by guest, Mon Mar-12-01 02:48 AM

feel you in the sense that folks have found their approach, as a group, share a definite set of immediate influences.

and the focus is on production right now, rather than messing with research & development.

to me though, say mos def, never struck me as a dude that get's down with complete abandon.

a variety of traditions, so earnest even in humour, freedom and constraint in that strong nationalism & intellect.

other end of the scale are funky folks like outkast, whom I don't feel overthink things, let ideas breathe.

like the whole funk mob, sensual metaphors abound and earthtone aren't overly concerned with their place/position in the production pantheon.

put ?uestlove and the gang somewhere in the middle, dirty sounds served out of a clean, clear glass.

cause ?uest undeniably is an avid student, into every aspect of what he does, out comes the microscope for technique and intangible things.

carefully constructed songs/albums, an eye always on trying to unite past and future, but it has to bump today.

or perhaps the problem is that the whole crew is into everything..speculation, dunno.

but I can see what you're saying, that paradox of music coming tighter but surprises dwindling.

that's that law of diminishing returns, each hollywood sequel's got to be b-i-g-g-e-r than the last.

which is a commercial, self-defeating excercise, if all you're after is bettering a sucessful formula.

seize your time! - marley/wailers

where'd you find that monster? she beautiful - method man