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Posted by guest, Mon Mar-12-01 06:30 AM
why does everyone think that they're trying to 'reinvent the wheel', so to speak. i don't think they are. i think they're just doing what they like. making music. and no offense to these 'current' artists but they ain't no legends...uhhh, at least not yet. so when you pick out these revolutionary acts for comparison then you're picking out about 0.000005% of the music making popluation and saying that, for example, questlove doesn't compare...? if i were eating apples and all the apples had worms in them except for one. then i'm going to eat that one apple and say "damn, that's one tasty apple". i wish more apples were like this one. it may not be the biggest or the juiciest but it sure tastes damn good.

of course it can always come down to the old.."let's see YOU do that shit..." but i don't think that's necessary.



"i wanna be a pioneer so trails i blaze"

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