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Posted by guest, Mon Mar-12-01 06:08 AM
damn I couldn't agree more, I'm always hearing about them saving the black music scene, which is not only bugged but just untrue... if half the cats just took a little time to research some music beyond The Wall or Sam Goody, they would find great music out there and since when did music not become good or worthy of purchase if it wasn't made after 2000??? What is all this bs about music of the past being for the past? The whole reason why these cats bled their work out of their veins is so we could learn from it, it's still great work. I recently purchased Giant Steps again (I keep losing that damn album, or it gets stolen), and that is better than anything on the market... why are we obsessed with new, new, new??? When it's not nearly as good, good, good??? I think one of the reasons Coltrane was the man was because of his originality, not because he was trying to recreate the wheel! There have always been talented black musicians doing their thing, and always will be, so what you can't buy their disc with a dope Bluenotes look alike cover, with psuedo themes of revolution! So what there are no 'cool' pictures of these one part celestial, one part cool enought to survive amoungst thugs, one part intellectual urbanite, who also happens to own a SP and plays bass here and there, who also dresses cool enough to run wit DeLa, with just a touch of Lenny Kravitz! What the hell does any of this have to do with the music? Has any of these artists released a album on the level of Bitches Brew? 1999? Even Illmatic??? Of course not (well, Momma's Gun is quite another story... illest album out of that camp, along with the bootleg Slum Album, not the watered down released version) but hopefully in time they will. Let's just hope, instead of comparing themselves to the greats, that they will give us time to do it for them (remember Boomerang and blowing your own horn? Find a lot of that on here don't we???). Instead of telling us that your as good as Prince, let us, Prince fans in our own right, make that decision for ourselves. Instead of creating the hype, just live up to it...