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Posted by guest, Mon Mar-12-01 12:24 AM
First off, thanks for not dissin, and bein ignorant and sayin stupid ish, but lemme clarify a few things I might have said wrong at first. What I was attempting to say was, that I think that just because these artists are a breath of fresh air from the current mass-produced garbage on the scene, doesn't necessarily mean that they're really worthy of all the praise that's thrown on them.

You see, just because I liked the albums they put out, and I even think they were among the best albums of the year, doesn't necessarily mean that they are superior albums overall. The last few years in music have really been bad, in my opinion, and they have brought something different to the table, but it's still something that has been brought before. What I'd like to see them do is do some different, out there, stuff. I've just begun to see patterns of their music, that I can pretty much tell if quest or one of the group has had his hand in a project.

It is true that that will always happen to a certain degree, and that there hasn't been much music to judge what they're capable of, but I think of this as a warning that they aren't untouchable, and in all honesty, they haven't yet slipped, but could very well if they become victims of the hype of the people around them. As an artist, when I thought I was tight was when I thought I didn't have to try as hard, and those were the times I noticed people getting better than me. At the times I was unsure of myself, I worked that much harder to become that much better at what I did and consequently I advanced quickly and reached a higher level. I'm just concerned that as artists they may believe that what they do somehow comes naturally and not necessarily because of the constant practice and dedication they had before they became big.

Basically, thats it, I just hope that they can work hard and make some shit that'll blow us all out the water, and this debate won't even have to go on, and though neither side has been proven to be the case, I think they can take it as a warning that maybe they need to get before they start slippin and become one of those groups that had mad potential, but jus faded away.

Much Love, Peace

Keep hittin it up, jus dont hit it with the ignoran ish please


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