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Topic subjectRicochet: Soulquarians fan 4 life
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17766, Ricochet: Soulquarians fan 4 life
Posted by Ricochet, Sun Mar-11-01 08:01 PM
I'm sorry but in my veiw these cats can do no wrong...

As far as i'm concerned the only albums that really stuck in my mind last year apart from a few that had nothing to do with The Soulquarians were the ones that did...LWFC, Voodoo, Mama's Gun and anything that had to do with Jay Dee being on the boards, Fantastic Vol. 2 stays in my crib/car/walkman/everywhere and I was really feelin the joints he did on Q-Tip's Amplified.

If you ask me these cats can only get better at what they do...
The style is so soulful and unique that it could never really stagnate...10 years from now you could throw on a joint from the Common LWFC joint and remember exactly what you were doing when you first bumped it. Thats what their production does for me, their shit is like a musical time machine imprinting your brain with memories, some shit i can zone out to.
As an emcee theres no one i'd like more to handle one of my projects than quest? or jay dee, Poyser always kills it on the keys, and as for D'angelo the kid is a genius.

Point blank them cats are nice.


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