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Posted by BigWorm, Sun Mar-11-01 07:01 PM
First off, you say on one hand that you love D and Badu's album, but on the other that the Soulquarian sound is getting stagnant. Only Mama's Gun is the latest Soulquarian album (unless you count Jay Dee's new album as a Soulquarian joint, which I don't). So if you like Mama's Gun, then how are they getting stagnant?

Next, they are just starting out. In fact, Com's Like Water For Chocolate was the first time I actually saw the name Soulquarian attached to an actual album. In fact, when Voodoo was released, the name Soulquarian, for most cats, was pretty much just a part of ?uestlove's signature at the end of posts. Voodoo wasn't labeled as the first "Soulquarian project". So what are we going by? The only two entire Soulquarian albums so far are Like Water For Chocolate and Mama's Gun. Throw in some guest production spots for soundtracks and cats like Will Downing, and there you have it.

By that, it hasn't even been 2 years yet.

And you're saying they're stagnant?

I'd say you're not giving them a chance to grow at all...but then again, you also said you liked the albums they put out so far...

If you don't want to get clowned by other heads, I'd clarify.


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