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Topic subjectHell yeah well said
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17752, Hell yeah well said
Posted by guest, Tue Mar-13-01 08:26 PM
I totally agree. Qoolquest is the Jerry Garcia of hip hop (noone kick my ass for saying that, pleeeeze;)
but anyways, one thing Kweli said a while back really resonated with me and I think it applies here, people gotta go with the times. Things dont stay stagnant, by laws of nature, and people cant try and pretend they do. Its up to the fans to seek shit out, and yeah, we'll stay true to our connections but very few stay on top for long. Or something. I love hip hop, and music at that, but there are few artists I love thuroughly for a long time. The roots of it (dayum) have been the Roots and Mos Def for some time, good shit comes in and out. I DUNNNNNO, what Im tryin to say is good music dont fade out, people who cling to what they think should be the best cuz of past labels do. Go wit the heart.