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17751, Well said...
Posted by mellow, Sun Mar-11-01 11:02 PM
?uest, i have to give u respect for being objective when people may give you criticism's. I just had a type of realization with this post. I mean, who else, and where else could someone come onto a site and express to an artist directly his opinions and get a response nonetheless.
This site is actually useful not only to the fans, but more useful to you. why? because it allows you to get reaction and feedback on things immediately. Also, you don't have your army of "yes" men around you. So for someone like you, who utilizes the site and contributes to it, you will benefit from it on many levels. So i just want to give you props for engaging with fans and doubters alike. There's no interviews that can top the info that comes out of these boards.
Respect to you ?uest..