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Topic subjectRE: not mad at all.
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17750, RE: not mad at all.
Posted by DaFlashman, Sun Mar-11-01 10:44 PM
>brown sugar/voodoo- if u don't see
>artistic growth...

Hell yeah I do on this one.

>can i borrow a dollar/like water
>for chocolate- if u don't
>see growth....

Actually, I see it as more of a roller coaster of ups
and downs as opposed to a straight forward progression;
and I hate to say that from "Resurrection" to "One Day"
to "Like Water" has been a very bumpy ride - of the
three the latter is probably the one I'm feeling least.

>organix/things fall apart- you don't see growth?

Again with the roller coaster thing. I believe both
The Roots and Common will peak again though, and
probably at greater artistic heights than we've known
or could ever imagine.

>utd project/black on both sides- no growth?

Aww come on, that one's just cheap. ;)

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