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Posted by h20molecule, Mon Mar-12-01 07:26 AM
I think the point of the original post was to criticize the idol worship that has started to take place in regards to the soulaquarians. I mean, some people worship Puffy but worshipping the soulaquarians is no better. Chances are it won't happen because most people have become fans of soulaquarian music through discerning taste. In other words you had to be critical to a certain extent to become a fan of the music.

Of course anything can be taken to far and I think plenty of people have become dyed in the wool fans of the soulaqaurians for the same reason that you have some dyed in the wool Prince fans. They are modern day saviors from the artless music scene kind of how Prince was in the disco-era of the late seventies and early eighties. Some people claim Prince has never made a bad record but he has made bad records for Prince. So I guess we just have to be watchful that we do notice if the soulaquarians stagnate.

However, after seeing Badu Saturday night I have to say the soul is far from stagnate. Badu was brilliant. Waterbabies featuring quest even did their thing although the crowd wasn't really a hip hop vibing crowd like what common gets when he headlines at HOB. Still in all, I was entertained even though this was my third time seeing him since LWFC dropped.

But I will remain vigilant. If the next Roots album is a rehashed version of past Roots albums then I will have to call a spade a spade.

>The soulquarians
>are gonna be around a
>long time, and with every
>CD they produce, make, or
>even influence it's just gonna
>get better!

I hope you are right, but unless you are Nostradamus you can never know how much deeper they can or will go into the artistic well. Things will eventually plateau...eventually...know that.