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Topic subjectAre the Soulquarians ruining music?
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17742, Are the Soulquarians ruining music?
Posted by guest, Sun Mar-11-01 06:40 PM
I don't want you folks to hate on me, because I love the D'Angelo album, Erykah's album, and been feelin the Roots since "Proceed"... But, the more and more I listen to the music, it's just funny that it's almost getting stagnant. I mean, It's good shit, no doubt, I hate having to preface this with some nice shit just so I don't get attacked by you folks but damn, I mean, let's be serious about it. I think that they all got soul and got some good ideas, but I just don't think that much of it is really lasting in my mind. I think they need to grow alooooot before we praise them the way we do. But I still think they could earn all this praise though.

I'm an artist myself, and I'm not saying I'm any better than them, on that level, their eons beyond me, but still, should we necessarily put them on God level because they do some good music. I think it's going to they're head, and they're jus slippin. I don't know, DON'T SLAM ME, JUST REASON WHAT I'M SAYING.



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