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Topic subjectLemme clarify
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17478, Lemme clarify
Posted by Donn L, Thu Apr-05-01 09:56 AM
hmmm...I'm saying that from what I know about Stevie and Marvin through their cds and performance on tape, i was gettin alotta good energy. I think that energy woulda been close to the same if I would've had the opportunity to Stevie and Marvin live. I really think that the heavy criticism that Musiq receives is unjust, b/c he is alot better than most. He may not be on a Stevie or D'Angelo level but I can only play Vodoo so many times. I know it is to each his own and to my own I'm feelin Musiq. I think a blasphemy statement would have to involve Tank or Tyrese, but not Musiq.