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17463, oops
Posted by BigWorm, Tue Apr-03-01 10:14 AM
hit send too quick.

I meant aiight man: don't wet yourself over it. The last thing we need beef over is Musiq Soulchild. If you don't like him, or the album, or whatever, that's up to you.


"You funny do, cuz really you think you can do me when you roll a 500 that's really a 320."

In the Deck:

Jay Dee - Welcome 2 Detroit
Binary Star - Masters of the Universe
Rufus Wainwright - (self titled)
Eleni Mandell - Wishbone
Dub War - Pain
Nick Drake - Bryter Later
Craig David - (a WACK album, never mind the title)
Stetasonic - In Full Gear
Biz Markie - The Biz Never Sleeps
Ghostface Killah - IRONMAN