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Topic subjectRE: how much pull do you got?
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17455, RE: how much pull do you got?
Posted by guest, Mon Apr-02-01 10:17 AM

>maybe even just drop the 'soulchild'...eyedon'treeleeknow

i co-sign. that name is bullshit. i'll admit i own his cd and everything, but i definitely understand ?uest is being the bigger man on this one. rather than slam his ass, try to help the man out. give him some tips. he's got potential, he just needs to kill the ego, realize he's not the soul messiah, and make some decent music. peace, love, and soul!!!

COMING ???: BILAL, 1st BORN SECOND!!!!!!!!!

"I am fascinated by the history of our music. Jazz is a whorehouse. The original booty shake." -Bilal