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Topic subjectSimilar but different...
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17444, Similar but different...
Posted by mellow, Mon Apr-09-01 03:13 PM
I'm not exactly sure which track the roots used schooly d's beat from, but i agree with u in one way, and disagree with you in another.
I agree that alot of artists take from other artist's and rehash shit up, sometimes they make things different or unrecognizable.
Everyone is taking something from someone, no one is free of influences. Everything is borrowed or has "interpolations" of (damn i hate that word..) something. Not much is really unique and fresh.
But what i disagree with u on is on the timing of the "biting".
From your message, you said that the roots sampled a schooly d track from 15 years ago. Sampling is sampling, your right. But musiq is biting tracks that were hot like 2 years ago. that's still fresh..
Schooly D's stuff was dated for that time period. So the Roots rehashing it was more of bringing something from the past they liked and working it in to their steelo. The roots & schooly d have no real link when it comes to production sound or technique.
But for musiq, it's different in my opinion.
why? because when your fucking with somebody's sound and not doing just one track, but basing your whole production style exactly like someone else's, then your no better than the dj scenario i pointed out-- Your just riding your vocals over someone else's instrumentals. And mind you, on musiq's cd, it isn't just one track that has "elements" of someone else's tracks. We're talking about almost the whole cd.
But what comes through over and over again is the sound throughout the whole lp--- same sound & style as the soulquarian's shit.
What would you think when you would hear people biting dj premier's sound. A few years back when primo was at the top of his game, a year or so later, you would see so many styles that emulated his sound and production techniques. Is that cool?? no, not really, because someone like me could spot it a mile away and would lose respect for those guy's who did that shit.
So what? those guys should take pride in cracking primo's formula's and saying "hey, look..i know what primo does and can do the same thing.." ---- big deal.
One thing's for sure, there is no shortage of biters in this world. Not just musically, but in every facet. just those type of individuals who don't get the whole notion of what it is to create and shine your own unique voice --to make your own imprint on who you are so others know what your about.
That to me is the esssence.
Musiq may be the coolest guy around, he definitely can sing, the tracks sound really good. there not cheesy. but all this gets defaulted because he didn't bring it on by creating his own unique sound.
i respect your opinion & see your point, but i still disagree.