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Topic subjectRE: ?uestlove Produces New Musiq Track!!!
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17436, RE: ?uestlove Produces New Musiq Track!!!
Posted by guest, Sun Apr-01-01 04:41 PM
I really can't understand why yall be hatin on Musiq so much . whether or not yall think he is ridin the roots or D dosen't make a diference, I think his shit is good . For a first album he did pretty well and musically he is going in the right direction. And for the record he is selling just as well as or better than most of the Okayplayer artist on here. Me being a part of the artsitic comunity I see this as a classic example of how the artistic community often turns it's nose up to anything and anyone who isn't catering to their every whim. If a musician is making music for musicians and artistic people then he better be ready to starve because they will be the first to turn there back on him or her . And if you are cattering to this group than are you really an artist person, because a true artist does what they want. So what Musiq sampled the roots who the hell are you to play judge and jury. I think what he did was well done and in that one song he was giving props to the people who influenced him . and last but not least the shit sounds good and that's all that matters.