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Topic subjectRE: Angieee and the Ice Cream Guy
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17412, RE: Angieee and the Ice Cream Guy
Posted by fire, Thu Apr-12-01 04:41 AM
>So last night at 1 AM
>I was on the phone
>with my wonderful, beautiful, future
>aka my girlfriend (she sometimes
>logs on here so this
>description should get me some

u know this is highly adorable, i didn't know u even had a heart, hater.

>But then I realize it was
>a late night talk show
>and Ang was a featured
>guest, as was some Ice
>Cream taster dude. I
>guess they were tasting ice
>cream on the show or
>something. I missed Angela's
>interview, but I was trippin'
>when I saw Ms. Nissel
>on the big screen.
>That's Wassup!!!! Keep it movin'
>Ang, Keep it movin'.

was she on philly after midnight?



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