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Topic subjectAngieee and the Ice Cream Guy
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17411, Angieee and the Ice Cream Guy
Posted by Shawn_Gee, Thu Apr-12-01 04:37 AM
So last night at 1 AM I was on the phone with my wonderful, beautiful, future aka my girlfriend (she sometimes logs on here so this description should get me some points!!!). While on the phone I'm flippin through channels and I see our very own 'Stress lickin some guys spoon on Channel 6. So I turn the volume up and the host of the show Philly After Midnight, says "Angela what do you think"? I'm like what da fuck is this? What is going on and why is Ang on my TV, and what is she doing?

But then I realize it was a late night talk show and Ang was a featured guest, as was some Ice Cream taster dude. I guess they were tasting ice cream on the show or something. I missed Angela's interview, but I was trippin' when I saw Ms. Nissel on the big screen. That's Wassup!!!! Keep it movin' Ang, Keep it movin'.