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Topic subjectRE: the record report is aways garbage?
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17400, RE: the record report is aways garbage?
Posted by BIG-B, Tue Apr-17-01 07:37 PM
>said mobb deep was tight.
>they suck all there albums
IIIII agree wit ya, Murda Muzik wasn't all that great. But to say all their albums meaning "Hell on Earth" and "Infamous" are wack is going a little far young. Those were both solid albums.

KRS-ONE's(BDP)Top Ten Best singles:
I'm still #1(Numbro Uno Mix)
Like A Throttle
Criminal Minded
Why Is That?
Illegal Business
Breath Control II
Gimme, Dat, (Woy)
My Philosophy
Step Into A World(rapture's delight)

"You betta stuuuudyyy"

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I'm not a player hater cos I hate no one
but when you start destroyin hip-hop, you gots ta go, son"- KRS-ONE

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