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Topic subjectI like the source but the record report is aways garbage
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17397, I like the source but the record report is aways garbage
Posted by guest, Tue Apr-17-01 08:30 AM
the chronic should of been five.cash money shouldn't of 41/2 shit i would of gave them -2 for trying put some weak shit out they suck.the south besides outkast and a few other talented cats sucks so fucking much. but there r some tight cats from the south too. but the ones who suck really suck. southernplaylistic should have been 5 and 36 chambers. illadelph halftime 5. atliens should at least got 4 1/2. and the same for stankonia. murder muzick should got shit. i'm sorry but who in the hell said mobb deep was tight. they suck all there albums suck. and people don't want to say that cus they might offend some body but it's the truth they suck.la rock familia got 4 1/2. what the fuck. ok the jay-z dick ryding must stop!!!! life story . 41/2 by black rob shiiiiit. who did puffy pay to print that.