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Topic subjectRE: truly this is boredom speaking
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17393, RE: truly this is boredom speaking
Posted by Jilasijah, Mon Apr-09-01 03:09 AM
>perhaps i should rush a roots
>ep to start fresh topics
>round here.

>imagine my dickriding ass saying jay
>gave riq a weak beat.
>imagine riq taking a weak one.
>sheeeeit riq intolerence for weak shit
>is the reason why we
>are all still waiting.
>but you have never heard me
>say shit like that money.


Peace and Blessings
Jill Marie

"big OHIO status / what you thought, money?" - Talib Kweli - Train of Thought

States James jokingly, "The Soulquarians consist of four elements: D'Angelo is the genius, Jay Dee is the innovator, ?uestlove is the intellect and I am the Jamacian!" - James Poyser published on the www.platform.net