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Topic subjectRE: Ghostface Killah VS. Black Thought
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17377, RE: Ghostface Killah VS. Black Thought
Posted by guest, Sun Apr-15-01 04:32 AM
Yeah, I know them both through their many endeavors, but I honestly feel that you can't compare two people like that... See, the vibe is different, you can't hear GFK over a ?love beat, but you can ALMOST hear Thought over a GINUINE RZA beat, but the vibe is not the same... I can almost bet though, that if you get a "gassed up" Premo beat, you can hear them both shine over that. For example, something old, like "Come Clean", and they will both rip it, and after it's done, you can't say who's the best... but that's my opinion, and people who will generaly compare them would actually be fans of both...