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Topic subjectoh please
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17375, oh please
Posted by spirit, Thu Apr-19-01 07:58 AM
It's obvious you haven't hung out with a lot of people who freestyle WELL. Yes, "Nutmeg" with its non-sequitirs sound very much like a drunk freestyle. A drunk freestyle from an emcee with strong delivery, but a drunk freestyle nonetheless. You can't say that "nutmeg" sounds anywhere near coherent, you big microphone hippie.

Thoughtfully yours,

Spirit Equality*

* new name. debut single dropping in summer even if it kills me


http://www.mp3.com/miscellaneousflux -
Just listen, you will believe...

"In the first forty years of the twentieth century, about half of all
blacks who were killed, were killed by law enforcement." - Tim Wise, shocking statistic of the moment

"Smack it up, Flip It, Rub It Down.. OH NOOOO!! - This always intrigued me. What horrible catastrophe was caused by rubbing it down? If he just stopped after flipping it could this tragedy have been avoided?" - jsmooth995, LOL of the month