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17372, Black Thought
Posted by spirit, Fri Apr-13-01 06:41 PM
Motherfuckers act like Thought don't make hype joints. See "The Ultimate", "Adrenaline", "The Lesson Pt III"....come on, my man KILLS hype joints. I'm listening to Ghost's "Nutmeg". Sounds like a really hyped drunk freestyle. Lyrically, Thought is killing it. Somebody called Thought's style simple? What the? YOU do that shit if it's so simple. Dude has a variety of flows and can sound fly on a wide variety of tracks (including the circus music of the "Burn, Hollywood, Burn" remake).

Listen to Ghost doing a socially conscious rhyme on "I Can't Go to Sleep" versus Thought on, say, "Pump Ya Fist" or "Quicksand Millenium". Come on....Ghost gets over on emotion. Dude is like a cross between Tupac and Kool Kieth...I love him and all, but he isn't even in my Top 20 in this, too much irreverent shit that sounds like he freestyled it at 2 in the morning. This thing should be about SONGS.


Thoughtfully yours,

Spirit Equality*

* new name. debut single dropping in summer even if it kills me


http://www.mp3.com/miscellaneousflux -
Just listen, you will believe...

"I don't denounce writtens, but freestyling at its essence is improvising. It's spontaneous, uncut, mind, thought, travel, energy - all at the same time...the thing is to be at a peak where your freestyle sounds like your writtens and vice versa" - Aceyalone on freestyling (Rappages, Sept. 95)

"Smack it up, Flip It, Rub It Down.. OH NOOOO!! - This always intrigued me. What horrible catastrophe was caused by rubbing it down? If he just stopped after flipping it could this tragedy have been avoided?" - jsmooth995, LOL of the month