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Topic subjectit depends on you...
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17370, it depends on you...
Posted by logic 101, Thu Apr-12-01 11:05 AM
i havent heard enuff of tony to argue who's better. but i see starks as more hype, thug type, bust you in the back of yo head, type mc. while thought seems more of a comtemplative, laid back type mc. it seems like you get hype more off G-diddy's energy rather than his lyrics, and vice versa for BT-diddy (inspired by the boondocks strip). as for who's better? wouldn't be easier if you asked "who's better: black thought or....mase?"

"great spirits often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds" - albert einstein

"whomever conceptualized the mechanism(and derivatives of) calculus should be beaten and stabbed, and then vice versa" - me