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Topic subjectFuck that battle shit
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17355, Fuck that battle shit
Posted by guest, Wed Apr-11-01 09:51 AM
I've been wondering about this shit for about a month now after reading various posts about each artist and FUCK a battle...can u just imagine these two collectives in the studio together??!?!! The creativity would flow out the room into the hall and out into the street! Kelo and the Rza...Ahmir and Dennis Coles(GHK's government. Most ppl don't know that he executively produced most of the Wu albums right along with RZA. Check that out!) I would love to see these two cats on a track together! I don't care what nobody say, Ghost's shit is deciperable, and easy to flow with. His don't put words together cause they "pretty" and shit. Each word is twisted to take on another meaning. If this ain't hip hop in it's purest then what is? Thought's delivery to me is very similar. His flow is simple, but when you get into his topics and subtopics, he can get just as "undecipherable" (peep the quotation marks) as Ghost.
No matter what though...bost of these artists and collectives will go down as one of the greatest in hip hop.

"The toes you step on today, might be connected to that ass you gotta kiss tomorrow"Yogi of CRU

"they raped expression changed her name to entertain
now she's doing pole tricks while doused with dollars and champange
chump change, we just taking it back is what they claim
but pimping is simply pimping no matter if you change the name"
that's a papi original