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Topic subjectRE: Ghostface Killah VS. Black Thought
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17351, RE: Ghostface Killah VS. Black Thought
Posted by JohnBrown, Sun Apr-15-01 05:39 AM
First off. BT has it over ghostface in all categories of MCin in my opinion. If you've ever seen ghost live then compared that to thought, i think its pretty obvious who the better mc is. Also, i feel like GZa is hands down the best original member of the Wu. A lot of people fronted on beneath the surface, but there were some deffinte joints on that record. that female njeri he had rappin on there was deep as it gets. she was like 2 steps ahead of most female MCs. Part of his production was wack, but I was deffinately feelin some of the other joints. Who could front on "ya wild cards, jack of all trades, those who parade their position, show their spades."


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