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Topic subjectRE: Ghostface Killah VS. Black Thought
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17348, RE: Ghostface Killah VS. Black Thought
Posted by rick, Thu Apr-12-01 10:21 AM
Overrated? I always thought Genius was underrated. It's my opinion that most the members of the Wu Tang Clan get overshadowed by ODB's antics and Method Man's celebrity. I know they treat their band like a perfect democracy, where each member is viewed at the same level, but in any group of nine talented, versatile artists, some are going to shine. I think Genius is definitely the best lyricist in the group and thus I find his music the most intelligent. Don't get me wrong, Ghostface is nice as hell, but the one Wu-Tang concert I went to, heads got amped for Cherchez LaGhost, but Breaker Breaker got a pretty mild reception. Needless to say, I think the Genius track is better.