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Topic subjectGhostface Killah VS. Black Thought
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17336, Ghostface Killah VS. Black Thought
Posted by guest, Tue Apr-10-01 08:35 PM
Hey, this might get flamed but I really dont' care and plus i was just curious to get some okayopinions, nahmean?? My man GFK is 1,000 levels past dope, and so is BT, that's a given. I know the "you can't compare them yada yada yada" but just to say, who's iller?? And don't jump to conclusions just cause this is a roots-orientated site. Really think about it. And if the only Ghostface verses you've heard are the radio cuts off the W, and you don't actually own Ironman and Supreme Clientele, then don't bother with a response. HOlla!!!