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Topic subjecthaters?
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17316, haters?
Posted by spirit, Sat Apr-14-01 08:54 AM
how do you know she doesn't really like all that shit? people who make wack music can like good shit.

Thoughtfully yours,

Spirit Equality*

* new name. debut single dropping in summer even if it kills me


http://www.mp3.com/miscellaneousflux -
Just listen, you will believe...

"I don't denounce writtens, but freestyling at its essence is improvising. It's spontaneous, uncut, mind, thought, travel, energy - all at the same time...the thing is to be at a peak where your freestyle sounds like your writtens and vice versa" - Aceyalone on freestyling (Rappages, Sept. 95)

"Smack it up, Flip It, Rub It Down.. OH NOOOO!! - This always intrigued me. What horrible catastrophe was caused by rubbing it down? If he just stopped after flipping it could this tragedy have been avoided?" - jsmooth995, LOL of the month