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Topic subjectBritney Spears & Spooks
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17310, Britney Spears & Spooks
Posted by TurnstyleHopper, Wed Apr-11-01 03:29 PM
Hahahahahaha!!! I'm sorry y'all, but I just flipped to Mtv and they were playing a re-run of today's TRL. This girl was asking B.Spears some questions...

Girl: "What five albums do you think everyone should own?"

Spears (acting as if she is critically tuned-in): "Well, Lenny Kravitz...um hehe, Sade...hehe, OutKast, and...oh...I just got this new CD the Skoops."

No, I didn't mispell Spooks; yes, she fucked it up. (Who else could she be referring to?) Anyway, thought my okayplayers would get a kick out of evereyone's favorite pop-star making a booboo about okayartists.