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Topic subjectRE: JILL ROCKED IT ON VH1!!!
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Posted by guest, Thu Apr-12-01 07:14 PM
Jill was definitely the saving grace on the show. This morning they played her version of "A Long Walk" on the radio this morning.
This show was supposed to be a tribute to Aretha, but why were people singing their own songs? The whole concept behind these VH1 "Diva" shows is so bizarre. What are they trying to do? Just throw a group of mis-matched people together trying to hit every demographic. I love Celia Cruz but where was the Aretha connection. Same with Nelly Furtado. I think she's a pretty good pop artist, far superior to Britney and Christina, but she was all out of context and just wrong for the part. The Backstreet Boys and Kid Rock numbers were crap.
I have always loved Aretha, but her performances seem so contrived and forced latley. Sometime she brings it up, but mostly it seems she's on auto-pilot. And we won't even get into the wardrobe issue, because it is beyond redemption. Let's just say halters and strapless do not accentuate her best qualities.

Point blank: VH1 really need to end the "Diva" fiasco immediately!
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