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Topic subjectMary J., Smoked it!!!
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17262, Mary J., Smoked it!!!
Posted by Brownsugar, Wed Apr-11-01 06:24 AM
I really liked the way that Mary J., sung "Day Dreamin'" I think that Mary J., should put it on her next cd...

*************MUSICAL QUOTES**************

"Speak low, when you speak love"--Billie Holiday

"FREEZE!!!...Everybody clap your hands"!!!--Casper

"Mama, come here quick..and bring that lickin' stick!!!"--James Brown

"Mama don't 'llow no music playin' in here. Mama don't 'llow no music playin' in here. I don't care what Mama don't 'llow...I mo' play my music anyhow."--nostalgia

Here is a link for you:-):