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Topic subjectRE: JILL ROCKED IT ON VH1!!!
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Posted by guest, Wed Apr-11-01 03:35 AM
Jill sho'nuff turned the show out. She's definitely a talent for all to see!!! I agree wit' CoolV: Why the eff was Nelly Furtado on the set??? Not to mention the Back Street Boys??? Com'on VH1; how the hell are yall gonna pair the "Queen of Soul" w/pop acts??? I mean, I was able to tolerate Kid Rock due to them both bein' from the D; but on the flip side, SV is also from the D. VH1 tried to get SKY HIGH ratings by pairin' these pop acts who don't even DESERVE to be in the midst of ARETHA, Jill, Celia, etc. Artists such as Angie, Macy, Badu, Musiq and Lucy Pearl could've been easily been included.
My highlights: Jill, Celia Cruz and Paul Anthony, the Jazz and gospel ensemble; not to mention Ms. Franklin herself. Aretha still can hold her own. She's a legend. . .

Why did they bring Stevie out when they were about to roll the credits???? Didn't he produce a bulk of her hits in the 80s???