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Topic subjectRE: Youre a straight bitch
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17234, RE: Youre a straight bitch
Posted by 3xKrazy, Sun Apr-22-01 07:17 PM
hmmmmmmm, last time i checked, cursing did not imply that you were "gangsta", but maybe things are different up in New England, i dont know.

>--Wrong again...a "little fucking bitch" has
>a tittie attack when he's
>quoted in someone's sig.

A tittie attack is a little exaggerated, but yeah its mad annoying to have someone quoting your shit all around the boards, especially when he cant even prove that it was so "funny". As from what ive seen thus far, no one has hit you up with a reply to your sig with something to the effect of...."LOL, those quotes were so ignorant and stupid! Qthebuggid1 and 3xKrazy are straight fools who know nothing about hip hop!"......which im sure is what you were hoping for, but has yet to happen. I was trying to make this a discussion/debate, but youre the one who turned into an argument/beef. Like i said, posting my quote was mad gay.

>When did I throw this fit?
>I scrolled up and have
>yet to see my "emeyesi
>throws a fit" post.

Well, posting my shit was a start, along with the several remarks scattered throught this thread like, youre a "dumbass", "moron", telling me i couldnt get a job at a record company, etc.... nothing that harsh, but u obviously were affected in some way by what i said about your "buddies".

>I believe I've answered all
>your questions, and if not
>reply and I'll hook you

Well, you finally answered my biggest question, which was what your vested interest was in the group. Thank you for answering that question which has helped me figure out things a bit more, and prove me right on that one. Ive actually had a bunch of questions that werent answered, but i dont have the patience to find all of them (i think you mentioned something about me being dishonest?), but right now my main question is, why is my quote and that other cats quote so deserving of being shared with the rest of the okay world? Am i that ignorant to not care about the overseas?........ I think you can refer to post #40 to see some of my questions that you failed to answer.

>I couldn't hold my own in
>an argument with you...you're a
>thug! I'd be all
>scared! I might catch a
>beat down! Lemme quote Snoop
>D.O. Double G. (ahem) "Bitch

Whatever bro.

>I'm sure this is what Quest
>and Ang had in mind,
>and they look at this
>thread as a benchmark for
>what Okayplayer.com is all about.

Well, i dont see why not. A discussion about an okay featured artist, and the effects of hip hop around the globe. Sounds good to me. You had to make it into a beef (of course i take some responsibility too), but other than the cursing and stuff, i dont think that Quest and Ang would cringe while reading this thread.

>I guess I'll have to take
>a poll (since u put
>so much weight into those)
>on okayplayer.com and we'll see
>just how silly your little
>quote is.

Not that its gonna happen, but i would be totally down for a poll. I like to look at the fact that no one has replied to your sig and there hasnt even been an overwhelming response to it on this thread, as a rough way of judging that my quote wasnt that bad. But also, some people could take my quote out of context. I had originally said that the Spooks sucked, and than YOU answered back in saying that they werent wack because they get mad love overseas. In addition, you brought up their record sales and implied that the Spooks rival/exceed the talent/skills/quality of the okayartists and their early albums. You gave off the impression that just because they were pushin units overseas, they are automatically dope.

I still stand by comments. I could give a fuck what heads overseas are bobbin to. America is hip hop. Not Germany. Shit, i dont even care what my next door neighbor is listening to let alone peeps in Belgrade. You have to be your own judge of whats hot and whats wack. Just because someone is pushing units in a certain area, shouldnt sway your opinion.

And if my quote was that stupid, then go ahead and change my mind. Make me change my view on something. Im totally down for that. Thats what this board is all about. Learning more about hip hop and maybe changing your view on certain things because of conversations you have with hip hop fans all across the globe. Ive been around these boards for a few months now, and i know ive become a much more knowledgeable hip hop fan because of it. If youre right, then i will definitly admit it and big you up for it. Trying to mock me on all your posts wouldnt be the way to go if you wanna prove your point and win mine or other peoples respect on this site (not that i really know if youre out for "respect". But doing that shit iss only gonna piss me off, as you can see.