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Topic subjectRE: Youre a straight bitch
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17233, RE: Youre a straight bitch
Posted by emeyesi, Sun Apr-22-01 05:37 PM
--Its mad wack of you to be quoting my shit in your sig, not only in this post, but in every fuckin post you respond to. Just because i didnt agree with most of your shit, didnt make me wanna go put up in every post on the site that "eyemesi is a fuckin herb".

Why you gotta cuss so much? You "gangsta" like that partna?

--You just get to upset when someone argues with you or proves you wrong.

Me upset? Nah man, I think you should take a look in the mirror.
Are we arguing or discussing? Oh and when was I proven wrong? Enlighten me.

The way i see it is that youre a little fuckin bitch.

--Wrong again...a "little fucking bitch" has a tittie attack when he's quoted in someone's sig.

--You basically admit to be on the spooks dicks, cause your cool with them and shit (which is what i and everyone else expected from the jump, but it took up until know for you to finally admit to) so anytime anything has anything negative to say about them, you throw a fit.

When did I throw this fit? I scrolled up and have yet to see my "emeyesi throws a fit" post.

--Its quite obvious that a lot cats here think your "boys" are straight doo-doo.



I have!

--And the fact that you can throw my quote around, which wasnt even that bad, but yet you cant even reply to my questions and rebuttals just proves that you cant hold your own in an argument with me.

Once again who said we're arguing? I believe I've answered all your questions, and if not reply and I'll hook you up! Of course I couldn't hold my own in an argument with you...you're a thug! I'd be all scared! I might catch a beat down! Lemme quote Snoop D.O. Double G. (ahem) "Bitch please."

--And thats kinda what this whole site is about.

I'm sure this is what Quest and Ang had in mind, and they look at this thread as a benchmark for what Okayplayer.com is all about.

--If you think my quote and that other cats quote is so stupid, then prove that it is.

I guess I'll have to take a poll (since u put so much weight into those) on okayplayer.com and we'll see just how silly your little quote is.

--Basically you cant handle being wrong.

Where was I wrong? Oh I know I'm sorry I didn't reply to your I.M.'s, it's just that I'm ususually really busy being on the Spooks dicks and all.

--You saw how just about 85% of the replies in this post are against you and your "homies" (who im sure probably couldnt give a fuck about youre gay ass) and you cant handle it.

OUCH! That really hurts man! LOL Thanks for the laughs!
If anyone else wants some read on...

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"America is hip hop, bottom line. This is where it started, and this is where it stay...but as a whole, the american hip hop audience is much more knowledgeable than the audience in germany, france, or any other country. Thats just the way it is."
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