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Topic subjectRE: MING-XIA GOES SOLO!??!
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Posted by guest, Sat Apr-21-01 05:38 AM
I think people really get passionate about spooks on okayplayer because there has been a large build up of the spooks. Its like waiting a couple of years for an artist to produce their second album. All the mags and reviews extol their greatness. You go out and buy the album, and its pure garbage, not worth getting out of bed. I am not saying the spooks are garbage. I like Ming-xia's voice and would like to hear her more often. I am not a fan of the MCs Prakazrel style and lyrical content, but we all have different tastes.

The comment about how popular they are in other countries, is of little value. How many records they have sold in any country is an equally pointless statement. I do not want to comment on the virtues of the underground vs mass appeal pop music, but it was stated before but a lot of garbage artists sell incredible amounts of albums. Emeyesi, to many of the posters it seems like you are somehow affiliated with the group, because it is hard for many of us to understand that type of devotion to such a group. Do not take it personal. It interesting that the question of Ming-xia going solo only comes up in the US.

I have been to their website, I did not find it very useful. All I got was some BS about world domination or something to that effect. Nothing going beyond skin deep about who these people really are. Where they are from, how did they meet? Was this a "Making the Band" record company production or a group of friends who fell into music. Perhaps knowing where they are from will help in understanding their music from that cultures perspective. Like watching some Japanese animation, it helps sometimes to know how that culture sees a situation.