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Topic subjecta question for u
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17229, a question for u
Posted by 3xKrazy, Sat Apr-21-01 06:53 AM
>Thanks for being honest and not
>taking to the next level...like
>some posters here.

If thats referring to me, which im sure it is....why dont u explain to me how im not being honest and what exactly do u mean by taking it to the next level. I would really love to know.

Also, whats with you and your "funniest quotes of the year"? What exactly is so funny about them? Its fine to disagree, we all have our own opinions, but how could you not at least respect either comments/opinions? Is it that crazy to believe that America is the center of hip hop, and is that ignorant of me to take a stance in saying that I could give a fuck about the record sales overseas and to not care what the overseas heads are feelin? I dont think its that crazy to think that way, you may not agree, which is fine, but its unfair to declare my quote (or the other quote, which didnt belong to me) as the funniest/silliest/most ignorant quote of the year.

and i think its time to post the spooks website again. :-)