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Topic subjectAmerican hip-hop audience
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17225, American hip-hop audience
Posted by 3xKrazy, Fri Apr-20-01 12:38 PM
maybe my comment about the American/European hip hop audience did come off a little strong, and maybe a little ignorant. Ive never been overseas, so i guess i really dont know, but i would have a hard time believing that the hip hop heads out in england (or substitute the foreign country of your choice) are more knowledgeable or discriminating than the ones in the US. And im sure a lot of headz out there are bumping jay-z and nelly and all of them because im sure they dominate over in mtv europe as well. And maybe their is a strong "conscious" (or whatever you wannna call it) fan base out there, but im sure its very small in comparison to the US. I cant imagine theyre being more true heads out in France than in the US. But, ive been wrong before and maybe i was wrong here, but i doubt it. And i find it hard to believe that my shit was the second funniest quote of the year. I wasnt really that out of line/wrong for saying it.

There is nothing wrong with being different (in reference to the skills of the spooks mc's), but i dont really understand how their mc's would be considered "different". In my opinion they are just bad. Wack, bad, poor, lacking skills, whatever negative description you want to throw in there, thats how i feel, but i respect the opinions of others.

And i dont have SUCH an enormous hatred for spooks, i just dont like them that much, and theyre mc's kind of move me the wrong way. I never met them and they never did anything to me and they could be cool as fuck for all i know. But i dont really care. I dig the r&b version of sweet revenge, but thats about it. And yeah it would be funny if they became an official okayartist, but it aint gonna happen, so dont hold your breath. And if by some chance they do, i think that would be pretty dissapointing. And just because they are okay certified doesnt necessarily make them "elite" in my opinion....im really not a big fan of dialated to be honest, so just because they are okay doesnt mean i automatically jump on the bandwagon. And what is wrong with calling an artist "elite". I never knew it was wrong to call the roots an elite group, meaning cream of the crop, one of the best acts around. Sorry if it was wrong to say that.

and nice job with another plug for their website. Thanks!!