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Topic subjectDickriders Unite
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17224, Dickriders Unite
Posted by LittleTortilla, Fri Apr-20-01 09:55 AM
Why is it that because you like someone/artist and you want to share your love/opinions about it people wanna get all up in arms? Stop getting all testy over nothing.

Emeyesi-Ok this is skrait comedy. Don't you have some kids to take care of??? :) Oh shit I guess i just need to back up off the dick. I was having fun riding on it but I guess it's just not healthy. If I keep up these antics I'll have to tell him that I'm not the dagger anymore, more like the warm oven/mouth. Ride or Die! BTW step off I will become the manager way before you do! This why I don't come to artist anymore.

7yr old nephew calls from cali....
him: Aunty can you teach me Spanish?
me: sure what do you want to know?
him: how do you say lightbulb
me: uh I don't know
him: (huffs and puffs) I thought you said you knew everything!
me: I never said that
him: well I want to visit you in Boston
me: do you have any money?
him: sure I do
me: how much?
him: Well I get $2 a week for allowance
me: you will need a little more than that at least $200.
him: no problem....i'll just go to grandma's house a few times....it's easy to get money from her!

I tried to call Ms. Cleo but she doesn't take Charge-It-To-da-game credit cards. I thought she was keeping it real for the young people?