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Topic subjectRE: MING-XIA GOES SOLO!??!
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Posted by guest, Fri Apr-20-01 11:03 AM
Son is it that serious, see that's the problem everyone not giving a f!@#. True it was originated in the states by "OUR PEOPLE" me being Black and all. But let's face facts true Hip-Hop is appreciated more over Seas then it is here, were it was orginated. Cats over there will slap you in your face if you were to say BG is a better MC then Common, here you would have to argue the cat who said BG was better up and down. So even though it was originated here, question would be is it reprsented well. I mean true, fans of OKayPLayer throw they voice around, but let us be honest what precentage are we compared to those that made Nelly triple platinum, what precentage are we compared to the ones that gave Jay-Z his right to brag about the cash he got, what precentage are we compared to those that made DMX a platinum artist everytime he drops. I mean these same cats are question marks overseas but here in the US they are treated like gods. So really I think we need to start giving a fuck because we can claim it was born here, but the appreciation isn't here.