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Topic subjectRE: but what is wack
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17217, RE: but what is wack
Posted by RealCd, Fri Apr-20-01 09:46 AM
I dont personally think that the spook mcs are wack in any sort of way. Hell, they are different, i know. The flows are different than i usually hear (yes, is listen to Quannum projects & Ninja Tune records stuff and other different types of hiphop, so um, "realheads" dont say anything knowing what is "elite"), but is that a crime? Hell no.

If hiphop doesnt change, if no one dares to take steps forward, we would be stuck in the old moment forever. For me, spooks are taking those steps, little ones or huge ones i dont know, but still they are trying to move forward.

Only spook MC i'm not into is Water Water. I quess. His style just doesnt sound good in my ear, but it's definetly not wack.

oh i'm tired..forgive me. dont know really what to say.

"My name aint Cher, yours aint Sonny, that means only love between us is money" - Promoe