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Topic subjectRE: MING-XIA GOES SOLO!??!
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Posted by emeyesi, Fri Apr-20-01 09:09 AM
"Hip Hop is a Black American/Latino thing, and if you can't blaze in the states with the origonators of the culture, those who know the culture best, those to whom it's not an import or "exotic", then you can get a dick."

Funniest quote of 2001.

--Okay so what is my vested interest in the Spooks? Hmmm...lets just say I dig their music and leave it at that. Oh and you can go here and check out the fansite. http://www.geocities.com/spooksfans/

--I posted up the link to their website so heads could go there and get more info about them. Okayplayer.com brought them here as featured artists and did the same thing, I guess that makes them dickriders too, right?

--Last time I checked I could post about the Spooks on the okayartist board, take that beef up with Steve.

--Of course not everyone does shows with their "buddies" but do you honestly think that someone would be an opening act, or tour with an okayartist like Common if they didn't personally dig thier music? Com does and I'm sure the Roots do as well...how bout I ask em tonite while they are in Hartford so we can clear this up.

--It's not that you just don't like them, I can deal with that, some of my best friends and I have many different musical tastes, but for you to hate on them as hard as you do there has to be something they did to piss you off. Come clean man, did they leave you off the guestlist? Or was it that they didn't sign you a copy of the album? Just let it go man!

--I never said they were okayartists, featured artists maybe, but they haven't inked a deal with okayplayer...yet. Damn that would be funny cuz then I guess you'd have to give the status of being "elite" like you do the other okayartists.

"America is hip hop, bottom line. This is where it started, and this is where it stay...but as a whole, the american hip hop audience is much more knowledgeable than the audience in germany, france, or any other country. Thats just the way it is."
- 3XKrazy

Second Funniest quote of 2001



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