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Topic subjectRE: MING-XIA GOES SOLO!??!
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Posted by 3xKrazy, Thu Apr-19-01 09:44 PM
First off in response to the last comment u made against "Qthebuggid1"....he never said hip hop was to be "celebrated" by a black/latino audience (that would be u putting words into his mouth), he just said thats who originated the music. And i have no problem with that comment, nor am i offended by it (i am white). I think u just didnt like the comment because once again it was someone dissin the Spooks, and it seems that you cant really handle that. And you have yet to answer my question as to what is your vested interest in the spooks, and why the fuck are you putting up the address to their homepage? Thats some gay ass shit and i couldnt think of a bigger example of dick ridin' if i tried. Nobody needs to be enlightened with your spooks rumors, theories, etc. Post it in the lesson or some other forum, cause they aint an okayartist. PERIOD. just because they did some shows with a few artists, doesnt necessarily mean that they are down with them. Im sure you are aware of the politics, money, and contractual shit that is involved in the rap game. Not everyone does shows with their "buddies" and people that they have mutual respect for. And im not saying whether or not the roots, common, or any other okayartist is cool with them or not, cause i have no idea nor do you.

"The whole thing about the okayartist's record sales was to show your dumb ass that more heads are checking for the Spooks from the jump then they were for the Roots, Common, Dilated, R.E. or the Jazzy's. If you down with "the team" then you better figure out who's on it."

I understand what you were trying to prove, i just think it was a shitty fuckin example. Ill bring up my point again....DMX's first joint went fuckin quadruple platinum, does that mean that his shit was better than the roots first album? NO. And just because some heads are checkin for it (regardless of where their from) doesnt mean that its good. Shit, ive bought plenty of cd's that i figured out were wack but only afther i bought it. Just because i bought the cd, doesnt mean that i think that theyre their a tight group. Your analogy is terrible and to use that analogy those groups' official website is just plain stupid. Furthermore, at what point in any of my posts did i not know who the "team" was? What the fuck are you talking about? I think that your argument is so damn shitty that you need to make up shit to sound better. Really man, come on now.

"Damn man I guess I struck a nerve. Did the Spooks steal your lunch money or something? Why this vendetta against them? I'd almost think that you work for a record label that they dissed, but you don't seem smart enough to be employed at all."

First off, calling me stupid and telling me that i coulnt be employed at a record company is pretty low. To say that just because i dont agree with you and have a different opinion on a matter is a pretty ignorant move on your part. And as of now, more people in this post have been agreeing with me and not your dick ridin ass. No, the spooks never stole my lunch money, but when you give a shit ass analogy like the one previously mentioned, im gonna call you out on it. As far as me working for a record label that they dissed, thats another nice example of you taking my words and twisting them around. My question remains (which you still havent answered): What is your vested interest in the spooks, and why are you blatantly promoting them, and fronting like theyre okayartists? ANSWER ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

"LOL Stop biting my slang fool!"

WHAT? Again, youre gonna have to help me out on that one. What the fuck are you talking about. If it was about the "marinate on that one", then i guess you didnt pick up on the sarcasm thing. Oh well, i guess it was lost on you. The last thing i would want is your wack ass new england bullshit slang. Im perfectly happy with my NYC slang and accent, thank you.

"4. Damn, dick riding huh...LOL If I was their manager I'd be quite busy right now seeing that they are blowing up and touring throughout Europe...but oh I forgot! You only care about what goes on here in the U.S.! Take that bug outta yo ass man!"

Sounds like another shameless plug to me. Youre really good at those!!!!!! Dude, again, why do you continue to blow up the Spooks? Go do it somewhere else!!!!!!!!

I think the major points to my beef with you are:

1. NOBODY gives a fuck about their overseas sales or the love they get in other countries. NOBODY!!!!!
America is hip hop, bottom line. This is where it started, and this is where it stays. Sorry to say it, you will probably react to this, but as a whole, the american hip hop audience is much more knowledgeable than the audience in germany, france, or any other country. Thats just the way it is.

2. Stop your shameless promotion, and get off the spooks dicks. What the hell is wrong with you?

3. THE SPOOKS ARE NOT OKAYARTISTS. Their as much okayartists as Toshi Kubota and Avant are. I guarantee you that if i started throwing up posts in the okayartist section about Avant and how "My First Love" is the greatest hip hop piece of all time, then i would have a lot of angry okay heads jumpin down my throat.