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Topic subjectRE: MING-XIA GOES SOLO!??!
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Posted by guest, Thu Apr-19-01 07:03 PM
Man, I gives a fuck what Germany thinks Hip Hop is, man. I barely gives a fuck about what 90% of the cats over here think is dope. Hip Hop is a Black American/Latino thing, and if you can't blaze in the states with the origonators of the culture, those who know the culture best, those to whom it's not an import or "exotic", then you can get a dick. If I came out with Skipple album and it blew up everywhere but England, how dope must I be? And while I'm ranting (and I AM ranting), how many of those European cats are REALLY just feeling her singing and not really the MCs? M'phukas here put up with the Wycelf and Pras to get to a Lauryn verse.
I saw the Spooks when they opened for Common at Avalon, and all everyone was talking about was how dope Ming was and how the rappers sounded like they were gargling piss. So, if they happy to blow up a world away from the culture, great for them, but they can get a dick sandwich with extra semen (except of course Ming, who is dopidelic and needs to drop the sucka emcees)

(PS- Ya'll see the BS MTV USA plays here. Why do you think it's different in other countries?)