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Topic subjectRE: MING-XIA GOES SOLO!??!
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Posted by guest, Fri Apr-20-01 10:38 AM
I went to Best Buy and bought the ablum when I first noticed them on featured artist, and heard some of their songs. I feel the ablum because of the different sound, I mean damn most of everyone coming out is starting to sound the same, it's nice to hear a change in sound sometime. It's whateva though, because my peoples can't even listen to it, but if they ride with me and I feel like popping the CD. (YOU KNOW THE REST) I feel everyone has a broad range of taste and if you can't stand it fine but don't get all IRATE, because someone does! But I do agree with the cat that I'm responding to, he posted and said something to effect of we are not the center of the planet, just because soemone is not hot in the US dosen't mean they are not hot period. But on the other hand everyone has an opinion.